Let Opal Networks evaluate the vulnerability of your Internet connected network.

Network Security Services


  • Blind Network Discovery
    - How much information can be seen through your company firewall?
    - Are there rogue hosts on your network providing services your administrators don't know about?

  • Remote Penetration Testing
    - Can an experienced hacker penetrate your defenses?
    - Is that "Secure Firewall" really as secure as the vendor claims?

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    - Has someone already penetrated your defenses? If so, what are they doing with your resources?
    - Can you remove them from your network without witnessing retaliation?

  • Secure corporate bridging services utilizing encrypted VPN technologies
    - Your information travels between branch offices.
    - Is it protected against man in the middle attacks?

  • Secure O/S configuration and installation
    - Secure Firewalls, Operating Systems, and Routers.
    - Which vendors can provide the security you need?

  • Opalnetworks can evaluate your critical network infrustructure for a higher level of security and confidence.

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