How does network security affect my company's success?

What Are the Threats?


  • Dishonest Employees
  • Professional Hackers
  • Industry Competitors
  • Script Kiddies (unskilled destructive hackers)
A lack of adequate security may cost your company more than money. Why not secure your network now and let Opalnetworks help you stay in control of your data.

What happens if your network is breached?


  • Investor Confidence Shaken
  • Loss or Compromise of Mission Critical Data
  • Potential Entry of New False Records
  • Customer Privacy Violations
  • Network Downtime
  • Public Embarrasment
  • Management Experiences Massive Head Trauma

What Network and Server configurations are at risk?


Virtually any network that has gateways or publically accessible nodes is at risk. Internet servers behind firewalls or filters are often the most vulnerable due to the false sense of security most firewalls inspire.

Can Opalnetworks secure a multiplatform, multiprotocol network?


Yes. Opal Networks can create an organization-wide authentication architecture to not only lock down your network, but prevent rogue connections. Our engineers have developed a suite of their own security tools for use in these situations.

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