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Opal Network Architects was founded in 1997 by Robert Smith and Tony Allen. As network security specialists, they found an increasing number of companies blindly connecting to the Internet without adequate security. Even worse, they found that so called "Security Adminstrators" were not fulfilling their job descriptions. These companies often had several on duty security guards yet left their networks wide open to compromise. This corporate trend of not acknowledging the need for network security left Opal's founders with a specific goal. This goal is realized through Opal Networks To custom consulting engagements to properly assess and secure the clients network.

Service Area


Opalnetworks is based in San Francisco California, which is located on the western border of the United States. Due to the nature of our work, we are able to perform external threat analysis for companies anywhere on earth. If you have a security concern involving a private non Internet connected WAN, Opalnetworks can develop an audit plan designed to fit your network and assessment needs. For more information regarding Opalnetworks audits:

Strategic Partners


We work with several firms in the Bay Area to provide complete security solutions. Brief descriptions and contact information follow:

  • Don Blythe @ provides AICPA WebTrust certification and specializes in e-Commerce. Don is also a frequent speaker giving WebTrust seminars for the AICPA.

  • Baycis Holdings @ provides extremely secure Internet Service to bay area business.

  • Coop Digital @ Coop Digital enhances the Opalnetworks audit scope by including the option to perform PBX and CLEC fraud vulnerability testing.

  • Diamond Microsystems @ Diamond Micro Systems is the 4th largest Sun Reseller in the US. Opalnetworks is a strategic partner helping DMS to provide the SecureNET service.

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